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Anonymous said: Sam/Benny, first kiss?


Midnight was always the slowest part of the night shift , and Sam usually looked forward to it, because no customers meant he could sneak off to the kitchen and flirt with the cook for a few minutes. But tonight was his first time working on New Year’s Eve and he’d never seen so many people in one place.

"Hey, waiter, ah, could you send this back? I wanted iced tea wiithout ice.” “Excuse me, kid, could you bring me some napkins? And ketchup? And butter?” “More beer!”

Sam rushed back and forth from the dining section to the kitchen, laden with plates and orders, legs growing more weary with every trip. But every time he passed by, Benny Lafitte looked up and gave him such a radiant smile Sam couldn’t help but smile back. His arms were loaded down with at least ten pounds of food, but he felt like he was floating.

Finally, as the time ticked closer to the ball dropping and all eyes were glued to the TVs lining the bar, Sam made a beeline for the kitchen, nearly running head-first into Benny’s barrel chest. Benny wrapped an arm around him instinctively and grinned up at him.

"Well, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes," he murmurred below the dull roar of the patrons just beyond the door. "Was just about to go looking for you."

Sam tugged at Benny’s Kiss The Cook apron, looking at him from beneath his lashes. “You were looking for me? Why?”

"It’s New Year’s Eve, sugar. What does that mean?"

Just then they heard it. The annual giddy chant.

"Ten! Nine! Eight!"

Sam laughed, ducking his blushing face into the crook of Benny’s neck. He could feel Benny’s heartbeat thudding against the shell of his ear, his warm breath tickling the back of his neck.

"Seven! Six! Five!"

Sam leaned back just enough that he could look into Benny’s heavy-lidded eyes, full of lust and affection. Sam’s breath hitched as Benny lightly cupped his throat and slid around to the back of his head, not pulling or grabbing. Just waiting. Asking.

"Four! Three! Two!"

Sam threw his arms around Benny’s shoulders and kissed him hard, gasping at the sensation of stubble rubbing against his skin. Benny huffed a laugh into his mouth and swiped his tongue across Sam’s lips, making Sam moan softly and melt into his arms, so weak at the knees he would have fallen if Benny hadn’t been holding him up, hand tangling in Benny’s short hair and tugging him into another kiss, this one gentler but no less heated.

"Happy new year!" the diners screamed.

"I’ve been thinking about this for months, Benny," Sam panted, hands sliding all over his co-worker’s body. "Thought about kissing you, touching you."


"God, yes."

"Sam," Benny whispered into his ear. "What do you say we ring in the new year back at my place?" He lifted up Sam’s chin with two fingers, looking deep into Sam’s eyes, making sure Sam knew what he was asking. "Just you and me."

Sam grinned, stealing one more kiss before slipping past the older man to get his coat. “How fast can you drive?”

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Grainger admits to being drawn to roles with a bad-girl edge, from the manipulative Lucrezia Borgia to the unfeeling Estella in Great Expectations to the bank-robbing O.G. Bonnie Parker. “I think all the characters I’ve played have had an element of putting up a front,” she says. “Bonnie was single-minded, fame-hungry, selfish, and shallow, but I still liked her. It’s great to play someone with emotional complexity.” (x)
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People keep misinterpreting the purpose of this gifset so I’m gonna quickly explain why I made it. The two gifs on the right are from 9x01: both Bobby and Dean are part of Sam’s mind (Bobby is the part of him that wants to give up, Dean is the part of him that wants to live - but I don’t think it’s really as simple as that). I think that ‘Bobby’ correcting ‘Dean’ could actually provide a deeper understanding as to how Sam feels about Dean getting credit for the things Sam does (see: Charlie on the left and Sam’s lack of verbal response). In 8x20, neither Sam or Dean correct Charlie that it was actually Sam who jumped into hell and saved the world (she should know this since she apparently read the books but for some unknown reason all she actually took from them is that Sam has bad luck with women?). Yet in 9x01 we do see part of Sam’s deeper psyche do exactly that - correct the misplaced credit. Just some food for thought.

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meg knits a cute sweater ♥

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[]: And I’ma fuck you up.


No one bends the rules like you two bend the rules.


Sassylecki is so cute [c]

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So, takeout, sleepover, braid each other’s hair?

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