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when people run in circles—it’s a very, very mad world. 

capturedean's graphic challenge
round two > buticancarryyou vs awestiles
prompt: death is a lonely road
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Anonymous said: sam-centric prompts are my favorite :) how about bottom!sam getting taken care of in bed by an omc one night stand? it's been a long time since he's felt affection/been touched and he just kinda lets go for the night.


Something about this guy—Alex—just caught Sam’s attention. Maybe his smile, or the way he looks for Sam’s nod before placing his hands on him, or his soft, gentle voice. Sam can’t say. He just knows that, for the first time in a while, he wants this.

Dean’s gone for the night, so Sam doesn’t feel too bad bringing Alex back to the motel. Alex doesn’t ask questions, too busy kissing Sam, stroking up under his shirt, looking for sensitive spots in Sam’s skin.

They make it to the bed, and Alex takes his time with Sam, pulling off layers of clothes before allowing Sam to undress him in turn.

They don’t say much as Sam gets the lube and hands it over. He knows what he wants tonight. He supposes he should be leery, because Alex could be rough with him, could hurt him. But he craves his touch too much to reconsider.

Alex isn’t rough, just the opposite, in fact, is slow and gentle and presses kisses along Sam’s spine as he opens him up.

He plasters himself to Sam’s back, as much skin to skin as he can possibly get, and pushes inside, and it burns but Sam barely feels it, too focused on being filled and surrounded and touched.

Sam’s eyes close in bliss once the burn fades and just lets himself feel Alex inside of him, on him, near him, lets  himself soak up the attention and pleasure.

Alex makes him come first, and Sam revels in the feeling of Alex collapsed on top of him once he too is done, and wishes he could hold him here all night, tomorrow, forever, because it feels so, so good to be touched.

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Anonymous said: What DO you think of Crowley and Sam's relationship?

Like what do I think is happening with them in canon? Idk I think Sam is obviously disdainful of Crowley and doesn’t trust him. One of the few times I’m interested in Crowley as a character is when he’s interacting with Sam. I’ve seen a couple theories about why he’s soft on Sam. 1) He’s still in awe of Lucifer’s vessel, even though he didn’t care about that in s5 and I don’t think the current batch of writers remember anything from Sam’s s1-5 arcs except “demon blood, normal life, runs away” and if they did I don’t think they’d care to call back to it. But it’d be cool if we saw demons that remembered Sam was supposed to be their king (a reason I always hated Crowley’s titles as king of hell, it sounds so retcon-y that we never even heard his name from Lilith/Azazel/Ruby/Meg 1.0). Not in a fanon evil!Sam destroys the world and takes Dean as his consort sort of way, but the canon potential for him to go darkside and use his powers (where did they come from where did they go where did they come from cotton eyed joe) for evuhl. 2) Crowley’s got left over emotion from when Sam tried to cure him. I’m not sure how that leads to sappy/potentially romantic feelings for Sam though. While I hope they don’t become allies and Sam is the one who kills Crowley, I do like their scenes together. It’s cool that a canon queer character (I think Mark said something to that affect?) is interested in Sam and I hope it’s not just a throwaway thing, and it gets explored some next season. They wouldn’t put all that sexual innuendo (and it seemed like Sam was smiling at that s&m comment, which was weird) and the “not moose” and Crowley drunk dialing Sam in for no reason, I hope?

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Anonymous said: i literally said that i didn't think it was misogynistic. all i was trying to say is that it was a confusing response and it confused me and i wasn't sure what he was trying to say, and when that's the case it's hard to say it's misogyny or what not, it was just how his train of thought went, not a bash against women, you can barely call it sexist. sorry for making you mad.

You didn’t make me mad, anon! I’m sorry if my crankiness seemed to be directed at you specifically, it’s just general disdain for fandom behavior right now and my tolerance for it is down to zero.

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Title: Welcome To My Life (Split)
Artist: Simple Plan/The Piano Tribute Players
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Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan/The Piano Tribute Players; The left ear is the official studio version by Simple Plan while the right ear is a piano cover by The Piano Tribute Players.

Listen to more of my stuff here.

Download it here.

"Baby’s first plaything"

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No, no, but what I hate about the s10 preview is that Dean trys to rationalize trying to kill Sam, by making it seem like he’s done worse things than him.

It’s just like, dude, really? You’re an actual demon and you still think you’re better than your brother?

I realize he’s probably saying that to get under Sam’s skin, but it irks me.

honestly, i think it’s brilliant if they go the way i hope they go. 

dean knows sam the best. he knows how sam thinks and what his weaknesses are. he knows that sam ALWAYS feels guilty and he’s using that against him because he knows sam enough to know that he can. and he’s a demon, so he doesn’t give a shit.

it’s honestly really smart…. that’s if the writers don’t fuck it up and try to make it seem like sam really is a villain.


Queer Sam Week: Day 3; Favorite Poly relationship

Sam x Meg x Castiel

Well, because Meg is team Sam, but she’s also clearly team Castiel and it makes me happy. And Sam pays attention to Cas and Meg’s relationship and remembers it fondly. It’s cute. Oh and a human, an angel and a demon walk into a bar.. *u*