Lost in the pain and desperation of the ads, he didn’t notice that the others were leaving until Beverly Katz spoke to him.
"I’m sorry, Beverly. What did you say?" He looked at her bright eyes and kindly, well-worn face.
"I just said I’m glad to see you back, Champ. You’re looking good."
"Thanks, Beverly."

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CALLING ALL SUPERNATURAL FANS!  We need your help to promote a new series pilot starring Tahmoh Penikett (Ezekiel / Gadreel).  Check out the TRAILER and like our FACEBOOK PAGE to let the broadcasters know this should be a show!  

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It’s just you and me now. We are it, all right?

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Jensen with a fan [April 17th 2014] (x)

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If not, Castiel dies.

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I’m doing an advertising research study. I wanted to know what percentage of your clients work on fees versus commission.

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j2 au with grumpy precious ceo jensen that likes his papers stapled a certain way and jumpy sunshine intern!jared that uses pink sticky notes a little bit too much, doesn’t make jensen’s coffee right, flirts with balding accountants just to fluster them, and wears really ugly shirts and has an ass that won’t quit and is making jensen’s life a constant nightmare (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Let’s Get Ramblin’

Eyes find eyes. You see our eyes are the source of our energy. You can always feel somebody’s eyes on you, but what you’re actually feeling is their energy directed right at you. Now what happens if you close your eyes? You cut off your energy. If you can just shut down, not only will people not see you but they’ll see through you.”

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Anonymous said: how you doin'? - sche

Scheeee! Omg how have you been? I haven’t heard from you since after your grandmother passed away, I hope you’re doing all right. I’ve been well, just really busy with the last 3 weeks of the semester and paper deadlines on the horizon.

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Dean & Showers