At fourteen you had the radiance of early morning, at twenty you will begin to have the melancholy brilliance of the moon.
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halegates said: Thank you for standing up for Sam, I don't always have the words or energy to do so. It is also more than just a character you are standing up for, you are saying something about abuser protecting mentality. And for me whos been through shit these people are brushing off as not that bad. I'm so thankful. When you fight for Sam you fight for people who relates to Sam. The people who been abused.

I feel like I don’t say much anymore, but thankfully we have so many more eloquent, intelligent Sam fans whose posts I can at least reblog. And you are absolutely right about it being more than just a fictional character. Enjoying fucked up storylines is one thing but condoning them is another and I am so, so tired of us being brushed off as hysterical, dramatic, and bitter as if we have no right to be angry. Fuckers that belittle abuse and then look at victims like us who are calling them out and trying to educate them and still think “What’s the big deal? They’re just overreacting!” should continue be told how terrible what they are saying is. That sort of mentality is incredibly dangerous and does affect people irl, so why should they be let off the hook?


He said your Grace — it’s still out there.
He’s lying, he is a liar!

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[Jared] will be part of my life for the rest of my life. [x]

I think I’m a goofy, nerdy kind of guy. But I’m comfortable with who I am.



So it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve done any sort of follow forever and I know that people have deleted, friends change, people unfollow so I wanted to make a new one that more reflected who I will follow forever into the depths of hell, crying and screaming about supernatural until the end.

The people I put on this list are the ones I keep in contact with the most, I know by name without having to look up, and we actually TALK instead of just a mutual follow thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love EVERY ONE who I follow (otherwise I wouldn’t follow them) but you know those special people you follow that you wouldn’t get rid of for the world. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout, you dig? (With accompanying hover text! In no special order, except my boo child)

I’m sure there is a lot I forgot, and I’m going to cry at forgetting them tomorrow when I am not quite as tried but these are the ones off the top of my head. I love all my followers and everyone I follow! You’re all amazing people!

Thank you so much, Cherry! You’re too sweet to me

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You hear that? That’s the sound of your friend dying. Now let’s try this again. We know you have the gun, John, word travels fast. So as far as we’re concerned, you just declared war. And this is what war looks like. It has casualties.

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Soul Survivor Bs [c]

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Supernatural 10x03 Sneak Peek

I just love that Sam does stuff cause it needs to be done. Cause it’s the right thing. He doesn’t do it to be a hero, and he doesn’t really think he is one. He doesn’t do it to impress anyone because he thinks he’s literally the scum of the earth. He does it because he genuinely wants to help and genuinely wants to respect what people would want (what Dean told him before he “died”, not what Dean-who-doesn’t-even-care-about-the-car wants, okay, don’t twist this). 

I’m just so impressed with his ability to walk into a situation, handle all the crap coming at him from people who don’t understand him and don’t want to and only want to hurt him, say his piece, and just let that be enough. He doesn’t demand reactions because, hell, he probably won’t get them. He’s just going to do what he needs to do and be okay with that much.

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For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I’m not working, I’m always living in my own world, imagining characters.
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OK so I can’t be the only person who was a little bit sceptical when Jared said (at Torcon) that Gadreel talked in iambic pentameter (“I bet he just talks in iambs but not in pentameter,” I thought) (OH MAN I AM SUCH A GEEK) - but turns out I was being unfair. He only does it in Holy Terror and Road Trip, the two episodes where Gadreel’s true identity has been revealed: but all the lines above are taken from those episodes and all of them are lines of iambic pentameter (there are more but the gifset was getting too long).

[Hopefully this explanatory section isn’t too obnoxious, as everybody everywhere in the world has to do Shakespeare at school (and why not, he’s awesome) so you probably know this; but in case you needed your memory jogged:

Poetry written in iambic pentameter is written in lines of five two-syllable feet (called ‘iambs’). The first syllable is unstressed and the second syllable is stressed: for example, the word ‘comPARE’ makes up an iamb because in natural English speech you stress the second syllable. Shakespeare uses this metre a lot, e.g. ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’.

In the gifs I’ve put stressed syllables in red. If you read the lines stressing those syllables, you should find that fits with the natural cadence of the words.

Jared’s performance of the lines doesn’t always stress those syllables with complete regularity - for example, he says ‘But Metatron, would that not make YOU God?’ - but that’s just good reading. If everybody read iambic pentameter with repetitive, exaggerated emphasis it would sound really boring and unnatural. OK, end of English class!]

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I’ve had an ask from a really gross person in my inbox for over a week now and I just. Am not sure what to do with it. Every time I see it I get really angry and I def want to reply because they don’t deserve to feel good about or be let off the hook for that sort of behavior and that’s what my silence will make them think. I want to answer privately because they went through the effort of pretending to be a nice person (however thinly veiled it was) but on the other hand I don’t trust Dean fans at all. I don’t trust her not to lie about what I said and try and make Sam fans look bad or stupid or politically incorrect idk would it be a v dick move to answer them publicly?