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I truly do deeply care about the show and about Sam Winchester. I’m 32 years old tomorrow and I spent 9 years of my life with him, and so I don’t want him to be broken down and beaten down into something that I end up not respecting.

Jared Padalecki at the TCA panel, 18.6.14

Hey Jared, what’s a pirate’s favourite letter of the alphabet?
                                                        You think it’s R but it’s the C!

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Repeat: Israel massacred more Palestinians from one family during one attack on Gaza than all projectiles had killed in Israel in 8 years

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Many have accused Jon Stewart of being pro-Hamas for expressing sympathy for the residents of Gaza, where more than 500 people have been killed — including at least 100 children — in recent fighting with Israel.

Watch the full hilarious from “The Daily Show” segment here. 

It  h u r t s  to say goodbye

Oh god, he was my light.

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djcotronas said: Jared looked around nervously and crowded over his laptop. He swore this was the last time, really, it /had/ to be. With shaking fingers, he typed "jaredbottoms" into the url and clicked enter; for tonight, he would indulge in his deepest, darkest secret.
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I run to the Lord, please hide me Lord
Don’t you see me prayin’?

But the Lord said, “Go to the devil”
The Lord said, “Go to the devil”

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