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ok but poorly written wincest fic be like:

Sam burned Dean’s face with his hazel, fox-shaped, slanted eyes, making Dean blush fitfully and turn away from The Larger Man. But Sam would have none of that—he grabbed Dean’s wrist in his gigantic man-paw and yanked him towards him, forcing his chin up and speaking in a voice that rumbled like an idling chainsaw, shaking the walls of their motel room. ”I know you want this too,” Sam growled ferociously, moving in to trace Dean’s dainty freckles with his hot tongue, sending spikes of need rocketing to Dean’s member. Dean shivered like a leaf and whimpered, “this is wrong, Sammy,” bucking like a wild bronco under Sam’s searing touch, feeling like a blade of grass surrounded by a whirling hurricane of lustiness and sweaty desire. Sam stopped in the middle of cupping Dean’s shapely buttocks to send a meaningful stare into his luminous green orbs. “It’s not wrong if we don’t think it is, baby,” Sam whispered, and Dean gave himself over to the sinful Want, climbing Sam like a well-muscled, toned, tanned tree of sex.

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Jared out and about in Vancouver (c)

headed to dallascon, i set up a queue :)

don’t know if i’ll be tweeting anything publicly but either way, here’s my public acct @arrchiesheridan

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Going to Dallascon tomorrow and gonna meet Ela for the first time :’)

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If monsters are real, then they could get us. They could get me.

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Okay but imagine Sam Winchester getting a puppy. The way his face would light up when he sees her for the first time, the way he’d gently hold the lil bab as it licked at his chin, how patient he’d be while training her not to pee inside, the way he’d smile at the shame-faced look she’d give Sam when she has an accident in the library, how he’d try his best to make her sleep in her own basket in his room but when that very first night she jumps out and puts her paws up on Sam’s bed and whimpers pitifully, he wouldn’t hesitate to scoop her up in one giant hand and let her get comfortable right under his arm. He’d complain about dog hair the next morning but secretly he likes it and it becomes routine. He likes having a soft, warm, little (for now) sleeping companion. He likes the excuse having a puppy gives him to leave the bunker without Dean and go for a walk or a run and yet still not be /alone/. He likes being able to take care of another living being, to feel like he’s not letting them down. He likes watching her grow bigger, grooming her fur, even taking her to the vet. He likes seeing proof that his hands can still nurture life even after they’ve taken it away so often. He likes that she cares when Sam is sad and hops into his lap and licks at his tears until he’s smiling again. He likes how protective she is of him around strangers and how she growls at anyone who makes Sam feel uneasy. Sam likes feeling loved for who he is, without stipulation or expectation, and knowing that no matter how far he falls, or how bad he feels, there will be a happily wagging tail to greet him when he gets home.

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Jared Padalecki strutting his stuff in Vancouver in September, 2014 (c)

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Benny fucking Sam on top of the table in the library.  Sam’s wrists pinned over his head in one of Benny’s strong hands, his other hand roughly jerking Sam off in time with his thrusts.  

Benny’s 2nd set of teeth coming out just to rest over Sam’s pulse point, applying enough pressure to let Sam know he was there, but not enough to break skin.  Never enough to break the skin.  

Benny whispering "You like being fucked by a vampire, Sam?  Does my cock feel good in your tight little ass?"

Sam barely getting out a ‘Yes’ as he comes.

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